Equilibrium Genetics Seed Archive

All varieties/collections on this page are currently out of stock. Some of our California locations may have limited stock available. Select varieties may be re-released in the future. Check out the list of varieties on the seeds page for our current stock.

Limited Edition F1 Hybrids

These are F1 hybrids released in limited numbers, available only for a short time.

Burmese Mimosa = Rosè Mimosa ♀ x Orange Burmese ♂ — Sativa dominant

Cherry Creamsicle = Cherry AK ♀ x Orange Creamsicle ♂ — 50/50 Indica/Sativa

Granddaddy JAWS = Granddaddy Purple ♀ x Great White Shark ♂ — Indica dominant

Orange Bio-Diesel = Bio-Diesel ♀ x Orange Burmese ♂ — Sativa dominant

Venom Cookies = Venom OG ♀ x Cookie Glue ♂ — Sativa dominant

Platinum Gelato = Platinum OG ♀ x Melted Gelato ♂ — Indica dominant

Sour Cherry Kush = Sour Diesel ♀ x Cherry Kush ♂ — Indica dominant

Bio Gelato = Bio-Diesel ♀ x Melted Gelato ♂ — Indica dominant

Guava Gelato = Guava OG ♀ x Melted Gelato ♂ — Indica dominant

African Orange Collection

Blueberry Collection

Boil Over Collection

Deep Chunk Collection

Early Days Collection

Glue Bx3 Collection

Glue Bx2 Collection

Glue Bx1 Collection

Gorilla Princess Collection

Hashplant / Northern Lights Collection

Heirloom Malawi Collection

Heirloom Skunk Collection

Lemon Glue Collection

Lemon Sap Collection

Mr. Bob Hemphill Collection

Tom Hill Haze Collection

99/OG Collection

3 packs of Equilibrium Genetics seeds pictured with a cutting of “Chocolate Glue”, a phenotype of “Glue 75%”