Equilibrium Genetics Seed Archive

The collections of cannabis varieties on this page represent the near entirety of seed releases from Equilibrium Genetics.

In general, all varieties listed within the collections on this page are out of stock, although there is a possibility of discovering one or more of these hard to find strains at our California locations.

To view a listing of seeds that are in stock, please visit out our seeds page.

Afghan Collection

African Orange Collection

African Pepper Collection

Alien Dog Collection

Anderson Valley Early Girl Collection

Athene Dog Collection

(Blue Dream/Rootbeer Bx1) Collection

Blueberry Collection

Boil Over Collection

Bubbleglue Collection

Cabo San Lucas Collection

Colombian Gold Collection

CBD Collection

Deep Chunk Collection

Early Days Collection

Ethiopian Collection

Fire Girl Collection

Feminized Collection

Glue Bx1 Collection

Glue Bx2 Collection

Glue Bx3 Collection

Gorilla Princess Collection

Granddaddy Glue Collection

Granddaddy JAWS Collection

Hashplant / Northern Lights Collection

Heirloom Malawi Collection

Heirloom Skunk Collection

Iranian Collection

Iraqi Triangle Collection

Jack/Oaxacan Collection

Jamaican Collection

Kablawi Collection

Lemon Glue Collection

Lemon Sap Collection

Maui Sunrise Collection

Melted Gelato Collection

Northern Lights #1 Collection

Oaxacan Coastal Red Collection

Orange Creamsicle Collection

Orange Burmese Collection

Panama Red Collection

Pineapple Collection

Purple Star Daddy Collection

Purple Jungle Cake Collection

Sour Cherry Kush Collection

Tom Hill Haze Collection

TK M-10 Collection

Urkel Bx1 Collection

99/OG Collection

3 packs of Equilibrium Genetics seeds pictured with a cutting of “Chocolate Glue”, a phenotype of “Glue 75%”