99/OG Collection

(Cinderella 99 x Tahoe OG) F1 Hybrids

These strains are some of the earliest seeds released by Equilibrium Genetics. They were created in 2012 on a rooftop in East Oakland, California. Most of the female plants were sourced in the East Bay. The exception is Blue Nepalese, which was from a cultivator in La Honda, California. The 99/OG male providing pollen for the following crosses is a hybrid of a rare cutting of Cinderella 99 ♀ (circa 2011), and a stout, wide leaf Tahoe OG male (same Tahoe OG ♂ used in Tahoe Thunder). The male was found in a feminized seed pack, the rare male outcome of a Tahoe OG S1. This combination of C99 and Tahoe OG created plants with thick, trichome covered buds and long running colas exuding aromas of sour fruit / citrus / OG.

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