Pineapple Collection

These are various Pineapple hybrids. The Maine Pineapple “Red Sonja” is an early finishing legendary pineapple variety from Maine. The Headband/Laytonville Pineapple is a chunky, resinous pineapple variety from Mendocino, CA and the Pineapple Thai is a legendary clone from Thailand grown extensively in the Emerald Triangle.

Lemon Sonja = Super Lemon MAC ♀ x Red Sonja ♂ — Sativa dominant

Pineapple Pop = Pineapple Orange Peel ♀ x Maine Pineapple “Red Sonja” ♂ — Sativa

Pineapple Sonja = Pineapple Thai ♀ x Maine Pineapple “Red Sonja” ♂ — Sativa

Pineapple Juice = Apple Juice ♀ x Maine Pineapple “Red Sonja” ♂ — Sativa

Purple Sonja = Oakland Purple ♀ x Maine Pineapple “Red Sonja” ♂ — Indica dominant

Maui Pineapple = 1979 “Cherry Bomb” Maui Wowie ♀ x (Headband x Laytonville Pineapple) ♂ — Sativa

Thai Afghani = Pineapple Thai ♀ x Old Balkh City Afghani ♂ — 50/50 Indica/Sativa hybrid

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