Heirloom Skunk Collection

Heirloom Skunk ♂ F1 Hybrids

An Heirloom Skunk male from Northern California provided the pollen for the following crosses. If this heirloom Skunk is a relative of the Dutch Skunks widely available, it is a distant one as these Skunks were very unique. The growth characteristics and bud density/size of these plants were very sativa in nature. A very vigorous vegetative grower, he was stretchy, putting out leaves which often had 9-13 lobes. His sister heirloom Skunk females displayed big and somewhat fluffy buds with tiny, stacked, frost-covered calyxes. They had the aromas of musk, rotten fruit, pine and a little sweet. Outdoor harvests of the following hybrids, in Northern California, are to be expected near mid-October.

3x Skunk = 3x Crazy (Bubba Kush/OG/GDP) ♀ x Heirloom Skunk ♂
Funk Skunk = (LSD ♀ x Tahoe OG ♂) ♀ x Heirloom Skunk ♂
Platinum Skunk = Platinum OG ♀ x Heirloom Skunk ♂
Silver Skunk = Sour Flower OG (Super Silver Haze BX ♀ x Tahoe OG ♂) ♀ x Heirloom Skunk ♂
Star Skunk = Estrella OG {SFV OG ♀ x (Tahoe Thunder♀ x Bogglegum♂)♀} x Heirloom Skunk ♂

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