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June 2024 🌞πŸͺ – Equilibrium Genetics – Seed List

Updated on June 12th, 2024 at 6:35 PM (Pacific Standard Time)

Tepmorary! Lemon G Bx = Lemon G ♀ x Lemon Lotus β™‚ β€” Sativa

Mystery Boxes are 20% off until 6/13/24!

Solstice Special begins 6/13/24 and ends 6/20/24 There will be special releases of African Orange F3, Romulawi F2, among other things…

Feminized Seeds

Feminized Autoflower Seeds

  • Wedding Cake Feminized Autoflower = Wedding Cake Auto ♀ x Wedding Cake Auto ♀ β€” Sativa Ruderalis Hybrid
  • Cookie Dog Feminized Autoflower = Cookie Dog Auto ♀ x Cookie Dog Auto ♀ β€” Sativa Ruderalis Hybrid
  • Amnesia Feminized Autoflower = Amnesia Auto ♀ x Amnesia Auto ♀ β€” Sativa Ruderalis Hybrid
  • Sour Pinot Feminized Autoflower = Sour Pinot Auto ♀ x Sour Pinot Auto ♀ β€” Sativa Ruderalis Hybrid
  • Out of Stock! Headband Feminized Autoflower = Headband Auto ♀ x Headband Auto ♀ β€” Sativa Ruderalis Hybrid

Regular Seeds (Non-Feminized)



Ruderalis/Early Flowering

CBD Selections

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