Orange Burmese


Orange Burmese = Burmese Landrace ♀ x African Orange

💐 Regular seeds: 12 seeds per pack

☀️ Type: Sativa dominant

🌹 Aroma: Earthy citrus

🌲 Flower: 9 weeks / 1st week of Oct.

🌱 Orange Burmese = Burmese Landrace ♀ x African Orange

Burmese Landrace ♀ is a pure sativa from Burma which grows medium tall with semi dense flowers. It has hashy, earthy and sweet smelling buds and a medium high yield. Buds finish in early October.

African Orange is a cross of Agent Orange and an Heirloom Malawi from the Santa Cruz Mountains. The African Orange male providing pollen was big and stretchy, with long node spacing and heavy pollen production. These some of the largest plants we have seen outdoors in the Emerald Triangle, displaying long colas with somewhat weaker branches that appreciate being supported with trellising. African Orange phenotypes have aromas ranging from a musky citrus, to a deep orange funk.

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😍 Testimonials:

This towering beauty has impressed me from the first days of germination. She is Orange Burmese bred by Equilibrium Genetics and she is something to experience.

-East Mill Creek Farms

"Been working all winter looking for the most mold resistant plant I could find. Orange Burmese from Equilibrium Genetics was the winner by far."  -Pollen Wizard

"Thanks Equilibrium Genetics, Orange Burmese has been a beast to work with. This one grows solid rock buds top to bottom, even the lowers are dense. It's our second season outside for this girl. She's a looker, and that Malawi heritage is like a blast of sunshine for the mind."


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