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Puck Yeah

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Puck Yeah = Super Skelly Hash Plant ♀ x Northern Lights #1 ♂

Special Edition “Mr. Bob Hemphill” F1 Hybrids

This is a rare hybrid from heirloom genetic stock.

☀️ Type: Indica

🌹 Aroma: Fruity grape citrus

🌲 Flower Time: 8 weeks / 1st week of Oct.

🌱 Lineage:

Super Skelly Hash Plant:

  • 1989 Sensi Seeds Hashplant.
  • Selected in Crested Butte, CO.
  • Also known as the Puck Hashplant. The discoverer used to keep his stash in a small plastic container he called a Puck, thus the name. "Dude, pass me the Puck"

Northern Lights #1:

  • Pure indica line with a strong buzz.
  • Structured like a Christmas tree.
  • Wide indica leaves.
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