Pineapple Headband F2


Pineapple Headband F2 = (Headband ♀ x Laytonville Pineapple ♂) F2

💐 Regular seeds: 12 seeds per pack

☀️ Type: Sativa dominant

🌲 Flower: 10 weeks / Late October

🌹 Aroma: Fuel, pineapple

🌱Pineapple Headband F2 = (Headband ♀ x Laytonville Pineapple ♂) F2

Headband is a Sativa dominant strain in the Sour Diesel family. It has medium dense nugs and intense fuel funk aromas.

Laytonville Pineapple is a Sativa variety from Mendocino County, California that has pineapple aromas and is stretchy and high yielding. It is almost certainly a descendant of the original Pineapple Thai cutting.

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