Vietnamese/Mexican = Hoa Bac Silver Flower ♀ x Cabo San Lucas ♂

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☀️ Type: Sativa

🌲 Flower: 9-10 weeks / mid October

🌹 Aroma: Rotten fruit, chocolate

🌱 Lineage:

Hoa Bac Silver Flower is a Sativa heirloom collected in Vietnam in the 1990’s, given to Reeferman Seeds by a friend who wanted to promote the best cannabis that Vietnam had. Its origins are from the Comere people of Vietnam, who are originally from Cambodia. Because of this, Hoa Bac Silver Flower grows similar to Cambodian varieties. It is chunky, early finishing (for a pure Sativa) and has wider leaves. The flowers smell of rotten fruit.

Cabo San Lucas is a Sativa from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It is a medium stretchy, wide leaf plant with dense flowers that smell of chocolate and spice.