Blueberry Collection

Blueberry ♂ F1 Hybrids

Blueberry is a very vigorous grower with strong branches. Plants stretch quickly when in their vegetative state. Most phenotypes mature by October in Northern California. Buds and stems will turn a light blue to purple in cold conditions. Although a stretchy plant, Blueberry matures with chunky, dense buds separated by somewhat short internodes. The aromas of cured Blueberry are sweet and lightly fruity.

These hybrids were created during Spring of 2015 in La Honda, CA. Very few packs were ever released, amounting to a few dozen packs that were available for a short time in select stores in the SF Bay Area and Santa Cruz.

Erklawiberry = Erkle Malawi ♀ x Blueberry ♂
Gorilla Bear = Gorilla Princess ♀ x Blueberry ♂
Red Bear = Cherry 99 ♀ x Blueberry ♂

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