Blueberry Collection

Blueberry ♂ F1 Hybrids

A very vigorous grower with strong branches, Blueberry plants stretch quickly when in their vegetative state. Most phenotypes mature by October in Northern California. Buds and stems will turn a light blue to purple in cold conditions. Although a stretchy plant, Blueberry matures with chunky, dense buds separated by somewhat short internodes. The aromas of cured Blueberry are sweet and lightly fruity.

Erklawiberry = Erkle Malawi ♀ x Blueberry ♂
Gorilla Bear = Gorilla Princess {G. Glue #4 ♀ x (C99 ♀ x Tahoe OG ♂) ♂} ♀ x Blueberry ♂
Red Bear = Cherry 99 {Cherry Pie ♀ x (Cinderella 99 ♀ x Tahoe OG ♂) ♂} ♀ x Blueberry ♂