Gorilla Princess

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Gorilla Princess = G. Glue #4 ♀ x 99/OG ♂



🌱 Lineage:

G. Glue #4 ♀

99/OG ♂

(Cinderella 99 x Tahoe OG) F1 Hybrids

The 99/OG male providing pollen for this cross is a hybrid of a rare cutting of Cinderella 99 ♀ (circa 2011), and a stout, wide leaf Tahoe OG male (same Tahoe OG ♂ used in Tahoe Thunder). This combination created plants with thick, trichome covered buds and long running colas exuding aromas of sour fruit / citrus / OG funk. Watch those humidity levels when nearing harvest, 99/OG’s bud size and density unfortunately makes it somewhat mold prone when almost fully mature.

📖 History:

Equilibrium Genetics created Gorilla Princess in East Oakland, California in a garden situated atop a roof of a historic house built in the 1880’s. The GG#4 cuttings used in this hybrid were from the first tray of GG#4 cuttings to arrive at the Oakland Harborside Health Center in 2014.