Kablawi Collection

Kablawi (Kali Mist x Heirloom Malawi) F1 Hybrids

These are F1 hybrids of Kablawi crossed to various females from seed and cuttings. Kablawi is a hybrid whose lineage is Kali Mist crossed to an Heirloom Malawi. The Kablawi males providing pollen were vigorous and healthy, with long internodes, producing spear shaped flowers and strong branches. Their Kablawi sisters were tall, with candy sweet smelling flowers that were medium dense and elongated.

Kablawi = Kali Mist ♀ x Heirloom Malawi

Maui Sunrise = 1979 “Cherry Bomb” Maui Wowie ♀ x Kablawi ♂ — Sativa

Kali Cookies = Cookies ♀ x Kablawi ♂ — Sativa dominant

Kali Creamsicle = Orange Creamsicle ♀ x Kablawi ♂ — Sativa dominant

Golden State Greens = Legend OG ♀ x Kablawi ♂ — Sativa dominant

Banana Mist = Banana OG ♀ x Kablawi ♂ — Sativa dominant

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