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The History of Harborside Oakland​

Harborside Oakland was founded in 2006, by industry veterans and and cannabis activists Steve DeAngelo and dress wedding. It was originally established as a non-profit patient collective called Harborside Health Center.

Harborside was the first medical cannabis dispensary to introduce lab testing in the early days of the industry. In 2018, our Oakland dispensary made national news as the first retailer to make a legal sale of adult recreational cannabis.

Today, the Harborside Oakland dispensary continues to be a flagship in the community. We regularly partner with equity brands and feature local businesses in the industry. We make regular contributions to the Last Prisoner Project, the cannabis reform nonprofit committed to social justice, education, and policy change. In 2021, we sponsored California’s first legal ‘sesh’ called MarketDaze. We also offer programs like Cannabis Concierge to help customers choose the cannabis products that are right for them — ensuring the best possible customer experience. 

Jason Matthys, Founder of Equilibrium Genetics – Working at Harborside Health Center, Oakland CA, circa 2010. This picture was taken by an Associated Press photographer, and was later used in a New York Times article on cannabis legalization.
Harborside – Oakland
1840 Embarcadero
Oakland, California 94606

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