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Delivered on May 1st, 2023

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We first opened our doors in 2007 as the first evidence-based medical dispensary in California and as a safe haven for cannabis consumer empowerment. By illuminating the health benefits through scientific findings in conjunction with providing high quality, lab tested, and unique product selection we set out to change the course of cannabis history.

Our comprehensive one-on-one personalized counseling approach and safe access to carefully crafted cannabis is our pioneering approach, and we are more dedicated than ever to providing excellent service and carefully curated natural product offerings.

Helping You make the Right Choice

Choosing the right cannabis product can be tricky due to the fact that our bodies and endocannabinoid systems are complex and varying. Not to mention the complexity of cannabis itself, where different varieties, forms, and doses produce a spectrum of effects.

Cannabis is a personalized medicine, that requires personalized attention. The “right” cannabis choice or treatment depends on the person and the effects desired. Cornerstone is founded by this consumer driven need for a more accurate navigation of properly characterized and standardized cannabis options. We believe that this, along with keeping up with the ever increasing findings of how our endocannabinoid system works, ensures better predictability in cannabis consumption.

We are filling the void between what science is encountering and what the consumer is experiencing.

We are not your average dispensary.

Cornerstone Wellness
2551 Colorado Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90041

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