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Delivered on March 2nd, 2022

San Francisco is a huge city with a tremendous amount of culture, history and art. Here at Vapor Room, we liken ourselves to our beloved city by having a long history, our own unique culture and our support of local artists. From being the oldest continually operating cannabis shop in San Francisco, to having our own culture of lounge-smokers; our unique experience is our claim to fame and why Vapor Room fits San Francisco and its neighborhoods like a glove.

Vapor Room is a recreational dispensary located at 79 9th Street, just off the 9th Street exit between Mission and Market. If you’re popping over to Fisherman’s Wharf for that perfect bowl of cioppino or for some shopping in Central Market, we are just a short drive away at our centralized San Francisco location. As we are a recreational dispensary, you don’t need a medical card to visit us and shop our top shelf offerings. We are open from Noon until 8pm every day of the week.

Our history goes back to 2004 when we first opened our doors during the early medical cannabis days of Prop 215. Vapor Room was also the first dispensary to offer an on-site smoker’s lounge which quickly grew into a unique culture of its own. From daily visitors, to new people just looking for a quick smoke, our smoker’s lounge became legendary to our community, filled with cool people, good vibes and great bud. Since Covid, our lounge has been closed, but we are working on re-opening our lounge so a new generation of smokers can experience Vapor Room’s excellence in product and hospitality.

Just as San Francisco has many unique neighborhoods, our customers are unique and visit us from all over. Our customers flock to our shop for our specially curated, top-shelf products from top brands. Check out our reviews on Google to discover how our customers really feel!

“Vapor Room has a great selection of products that is constantly changing. The staff are super friendly and always offer educated recommendations. They’re dog friendly. And, best of all, they still have a rewards system! You’ll never have to wait in line, and can even preorder pickup online. Vapor Room is the best dispensary in SF!!!” – Michael Erle

“Vapor Room is and has always been a favorite medical cannabis dispensary of mine and others ever since the Haight Street days. Vapor Room’s staff and Martin are very friendly and knowledgeable of products that suits your medicinal needs. I always feel at home when i go to Vapor Room and appreciate the love and friendship they have shown me.” – David Cruz

“Staff is incredibly friendly and make buying weed easy, social, and something to look forward to. Selection is great and rotates frequently. The retail environment makes it easier to self shop and is less intimidating, compared to just having to stand at a counter with a menu. Of all my options in SF, I always come back to Vapor Room.” – Bethany Komine

Vapor Room practices the best, and safest, Covid countermeasures advised by the San Francisco Department of Health and the World Health Organization. We constantly sanitize our hands, bars, packaging and surfaces to ensure your safety. Our friendly staff wear masks and practice safe distancing, both in store and out, on deliveries and keep up to date on all advisories to ensure customer safety remains paramount.

So what are you waiting for San Francisco? Come to us from Haight-Ashbury, Pacific Heights, and Bayview! We’re ready for you San Francisco and all of your marvelous neighborhoods! Discover the best kept secret in mom and pop pot shops today and get a 10% discount on your first purchase! 

Vapor Room
79 9th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

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