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Delivered on February 18th, 2023


In 1996 a handful of determined rebels had a dream of providing safe legal cannabis for the people. With nothing more than a rolodex full of the best farmers in Northern California, they set up operations at an anarchist bookstore across the street from our current location. Joining forces with local like-minded citizens, they worked together to help create the propositions that made the plant available to medical patients. Eventually moving into the building CBCB exists in today, we continue to provide cannabis for all. Student, teacher, senior, and veteran discounts. Home of the $10 eighth. Compassionate patient care programs. Low income assistance. CBCB still specializes in the same empathy and care that it was founded on, while staying on the forefront of cannabis science.  We look forward to you becoming a part of our family. 

3033 Shattuck Ave. Berkeley CA
Berkeley, California 94705

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