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Strawberry Chunk

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Strawberry Chunk = Strawberry Cough ♀ x Deep Chunk β™‚

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Strawberry Cough ♀

Deep Chunk β™‚

Strawberry Chunk is an early flowering indica dominant hybrid. I witnessed many of these grow to maturity on the coast in Davenport, California in 2014 and 2015. The garden was about 2 miles inland and at about 600 ft. elevation. Davenport is challenging because of the coastal fog, but the Strawberry Chunks were done mostly around Sept 13th, and they didn't have time to be problematic. With the thickness of the colas, and their wonderful reddish hue, they were plants we remember well. Plants show medium short internodes, with strong branches and dark green wide lobed leaves. Buds were chunky, full of trichomes and smelled of fruity pine funk.