Skunk Hill Haze

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Skunk Hill Haze = Skunk Haze ♀ x Tom Hill Haze ♂

10 weeks flower time, this is a cross of Skunk Haze and Tom Hill Haze. A sweet, tangy lemon aroma with an exciting, introspective head high. For sativa lovers, this strain is stretchy and tall with long internode spacing. An extremely limited release, they won’t last long!



☀️ Type: Sativa

🌲 Flower: 12-16 weeks / mid Oct – mid Nov.

🌱 Lineage:

Skunk Haze ♀ combines the excellent effect and taste of Original Haze with the increased yield and shorter flowering period of Skunk No. 1. It has a fruity, sweet taste with an energetic effect.

Tom Hill Haze ♂ is a four-way hybrid of some of the finest narrow-leaf tropicals that the world has ever known (Mexico, Colombia, S. India, Thailand), so the legend goes. It is a long flowering plant that gives wispy yields of the highest quality.