Grease Glue

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Grease Glue = Grease Monkey ♀ x Glue 75% ♂

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Grease Monkey ♀

Glue 75% ♂ is {G. Glue #4 ♀ x (G. Glue #4 ♀ x 99/OG ♂) ♂} females display short node spacing, medium height, and high bud density. Glue 75% likes to branch out during vegetative growth, and when flowering produces multi-cola plants of dense, sweet tasting, chocolate fuel smelling buds. The male Glue 75% providing pollen for the following crosses was vigorous and multi topped, with long, upright branches and short internodes.

😍 Testimonial:

“Grease Glue from Equilibrium Genetics looking sexy greasy! Grown for Anderson Valley Reserve under the full Mendocino sun!”

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