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TK M10

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TK M10 = Triangle Kush ♀ x M10 ♂

Special Edition “Mr. Bob Hemphill” F1 Hybrids

These are rare hybrids of heirloom genetics.

☀️ Type: Indica

😁 Attributes: Relaxing, pain relieving, potent

🌲 Flower Time: 63-73 days

🌱 Lineage:

Triangle Kush ♀:

  • From Florida, and possibly the source of OG Kush.

M10 aka Afghani #1 ♂:

  • A landrace sent from Kabul in 1979 and stabilized in Northern California.
  • One of the building blocks for genetics in Amsterdam.
  • It's a pure indica known for it's high THC content.
  • Vigorous in vegetative growth, it remains a squat plant with a very strong stem that protects it against the wind.
  • It has a very strong, rich aroma which is quite unmistakable.
  • As a true-breeding, classic indica it provides very reliable breeding stock.

😍 Testimonials:

"TK-M10 is one of our favorites!" -Elemental Wellness Nursery

“TK M10 took the rain extremely well. Huge chunky buds and no issues at all.” -Evan Sharpe of Whole Plant Wellness

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