What Seeds Are Available at a Certain Store?

Equilibrium Genetics Seed Packs

So, you’re wondering where to find Equilibrium Genetics? We do our best to make that easy for you. A regularly updated listing of stores, along with the latest deliveries received from Equilibrium Genetics, is available on our California Locations page. We also include phone numbers, addresses and other information about the fine cannabis dispensaries and…

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Which Varieties Are High in CBD?

CBD Glue Tide High in CBD

Several of our crosses have potential to be high in CBD, particularly High Tide CBD, Strawberry Orange CBD, Valley-O CBD, as well as many varieties in our archive such as CBD Glue Tide, Surf City CBD, Orange AC/DC, CBD Orange Tide, and Panama Red CBD.

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How Many Females Will I Get?

Flip a Coin

The ratio of cannabis plants grown from seed is most often near 50% female and 50% male, however there is no way to tell exactly how many males and females you will get until you grow them.

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Are Your Seeds Regular or Feminized?

Regular Cannabis Seeds

All Equilibrium Genetics seeds are regular, meaning both males and females are present in the seed packs. When acquiring regular seeds, a customer has a much greater variety of cannabis genetics to chose from. Natural Cannabis Seeds Equilibrium Genetics prefers to cultivate “regular” seeds. Regular seeds are made using the natural process for cannabis seed…

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Can I Get Seeds in the Mail or Seed Banks?

Mailing Cannabis Not Allowed USPS

No, California law does not allow us to ship or mail seeds. No, our seeds are not available from seed banks. Our seeds are available at fine cannabis stores throughout the state of California. Visit our locations page to find a retail outlet near you.

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