Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2023

Equilibrium Genetics had a booth at the Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2023 and at the Hawaii Cannabis Cup 2023. This was our initial visit to the Hawaiian islands, hopefully the first of many. It was a great experience to meet so many people with a deep connection to the cannabis plant! The Hawaiian islands are legendary for their unique cannabis varieties, and for the people who cultivate this cannabis while living on these islands. It is undeniably a unique place full of wonderful individuals. We feel blessed to have been able to experience these during our brief stay on Oahu and the Big Island.

🌊🌴We were in Booth #510, at the Blaisdell Exhibition Hall in Honolulu, Hawaii February 4-5 2023.🌴🌋

Our Menu: Hawaii Cannabis Expo 2023

Rare Hawaii Cannabis Expo Releases:




We shared our booth with these other awesome seed makers from Northern California:

Coastal Seeds Selections:

  • Kauai Electric x Thai
  • Maui Wowie x Thai
  • Kona Gold x Thai
  • Irene x Colombian
  • SFV OG x Colombian
  • Oaxacan x Colombian
  • Panama Red IBL
  • Burmese IBL

Biovortex Seeds Selections:

  • Cherry Lime Dog = Cherry Lime Pop x Black Dog
  • Mandarin Lime Dog = Mandarin x Cherry Lime Dog
  • Cherry Lime Dog Breath = Motor breath x Cherry Lime Dog
  • Banana Lime Dog = Banana OG x Cherry Lime Dog
  • Double OG Z-Dog = (J’s OG x SFV OG) x [Zkittlez x (Zkittlez x Black Dog Bx5 F2)]
  • GMOB Bx1 F2 = GMO x [Banana OG x (SFV OG x Black Dog)]
  • A Dog Named Tsu = Harle Tsu x Black Dog
  • Sapphire Tsu = Harle Tsu x Black Sapphire
  • Holy Tonic Dog = Cannatonic x [(Big Sur Holy Weed x Green Crack) x Black Dog]

Pat Neighbor Seeds Selections:

  • GMO x Fire 45 (Dos Perros)
  • Lemon Cherry Gelato x Fire 45 F2 (Dos Perros)
  • Fatso x Fire 45 F2 (Dos Perros)
  • Wedding Crasher x Coastal Muffins
  • Lemon Tree x Coastal Muffins
  • Dat Flav x Coastal Muffins
  • Slurty x Coastal Muffins
  • Big Sur Holy Weed (Socal Seed Co.) x [(Oaxacan x Original Haze) x Old Timer Haze] (Cryptic Labs)
  • [(Blue Dream x Gorilla Princess) x (Sour Pinot x Frosted Zinfandel)] F2 (Autoflower)