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Sparkle Cherries

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Sparkle Cherries = Phantom (Cherry Pie ♀ x GDP β™‚) ♀ x Heirloom Malawi β™‚

🌱 Lineage:

Phantom (Cherry Pie ♀ x GDP β™‚)

Heirloom Malawi β™‚

These are F1 hybrids of an heirloom sativa β™‚ from the Santa Cruz Mountains. This Malawi has been stabilized for a number of traits including tall height, hollow stems, light green leaves, chunky and medium dense buds, sweet aroma, high THC, and mold resistance.

😍 Testimonial:

Chris Martin writes, "I swear everything the Malawi touches catches fire. The nose on this lady is straight spicy cherry sweet fruit rind musk. Absolutely some of the most unique terpene profile I've encountered. Well done guys. Keep doing what you're doing!!"

"The Sparkle Cherries holds true to it's name. It sparkles silver in the sun and reeks of a cherry strawberry syrup!" - Golden Tarp Awards, Humboldt, CA