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Raindance = Cloudbuster (SFV OG/Thundercloud/Malawi) ♀ x Gorilla Princess β™‚

🌱 Lineage:

Cloudbuster (SFV OG/Thundercloud/Malawi) ♀

Gorilla Princess β™‚


Cloudbuster is {SFV OG ♀ x [Grand Poobah ♀ x (ATF x Tahoe OG) β™‚] β™‚) ♀ x Heirloom Malawi β™‚

Gorilla Princess is {G. Glue #4 ♀ x (Cinderella 99 ♀ x Tahoe OG β™‚) β™‚} an early finishing, high yielding, high testing hybrid (outdoor sample tested 27% THC). Female Gorilla Princesses are resinous plants which exude aromas of fuel / chocolate / citrus.

😍 Testimonials:

" This herb reminds me of what I used to get back in the day before it was decriminalized here in California. But this is next level in my opinion. This is a really good stone. The buds smell of a citrusy, fuely, chocolate aroma. The taste is also kinda fruity and quite smooth. And a bong rip will set ya off for an hour or so. I call that a winner."