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AC/DC Glue

☀️ Type: Sativa dominant

🌹 Aroma: Earthy, woody, pine, and gas

🌲 Flower Time: 8-9 weeks / 1st week of Oct.

🌱 Lineage:

AC/DC ♀ is a sativa-dominant phenotype of Cannatonic, a variety known for its high-CBD. One remarkable characteristic of ACDC is its CBD:THC ratio of 20:1, meaning this strain induces little to no intoxicating effects. Tests have put ACDC’s CBD content as high as 19%, which helps many patients treat pain, anxiety, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and the negative effects of chemotherapy, all with a clear head.

Glue Bx2 ♂ is {G.Glue #4 x [G.Glue #4 x [G.Glue #4 x (Cinderella 99 x Tahoe OG)]}. The Glue Bx2 male providing pollen was medium tall with medium short internodes, producing large flowers and strong branches. His Glue Bx2 sisters were medium tall, with long and fat colas of heavily resinous, medium dense buds. Their aromas ranged from pure gas to a gassy/lemon/chocolate.

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AC/DC Glue = AC/DC ♀ x Glue Bx2 ♂

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