Royal Key Organics

“The extract can only be as good as the flowers it’s made with.”

– Royal Key Organics

Quality is Key

Royal Key Organics is a small indoor licensed organic flower garden, owner run and operated in Humboldt California. We meticulously care for each and every stage of plant and product development. Our flowers are grown in rich organic soil, using plants primarily sourced from seed always looking for unique terpene profiles and medicinal properties. As connoisseurs and admirers of this plant, we offer our best to those like minded individuals seeking a rich, enlightened experience.

Afrinomicon (aka M-Con)
Royal Key Organics writes, “The extract can only be as good as the flowers it’s made with. #thegoldenrule We kept two M-Con phenos from our hunt. This is #8 which oddly exhibits grape/berry terpenes.”
Royal Key Organics writes, “M-Con #8 in week nine – a Malawi Landrace x LA Confidential selected and grown by Royal Key Organics. Bred by Equilibrium Genetics. M-Con eight has a sweet grape candy like narcotic scent, and a very “uplifting” psychedelic yet comforting high. It’s a rare experience – #7 is sugary sweet and used to make Yellow Cake.”

“An ocean of companies will be releasing their “sauce” this weekend, but how many were intentionally created from seed, organically grown, extracted, lab tested, all for the sole purpose of creating a completely unique experience? A new batch of Yellow Cake above.”

– Royal Key Organics

*Yellow Cake = Lemon Time x M-Con

Yellow Cake
Royal Key Organics writes, “Yellow Cake was hunted from seeds to create an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Photo by Randi 💋 (@devilslettuceph)”