Deborah Caldwell

Topicanna Sungrown specializes in pain relieving topical cannabis formulations. Equilibrium Genetics is an important factor in our products. Utilizing landrace genetics crossed with terpene rich varietals produces fragrant potent flowers perfect for our flower infused topicals.

2016 Top Three Topicals Emerald Cup
2017 SLO Cup winner – Topicals

-Deborah Caldwell
Topicanna Sungrown
Cayucos, California

Deborah holds a degree in Kinesiology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a long history of working with athletes and patients. In 2001 she created a topical formula to help patients manage inflammation between sessions. Thousands of batches later in 2011, she added cannabis, elevating the Synergy Formula to its current glory.

Topicanna Sungrown: Sun Grown Flower Infused Cannabis Cream
Topicanna Sungrown: Sun grown flower infused cannabis cream