The Healing Center

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Latest Drop

  • Granddaddy JAWS
  • Sweet Honey Nuggets
  • Orange M-Con
  • Orange Romulawi
  • Lemon Glue F2
  • African Orange Glue
  • Banana Glue
  • Cookie Glue
  • Dream Queen Glue
  • Granddaddy Glue
  • Lemon Wookie Glue
  • M-Con Glue
  • OG Princess Glue
  • Romulawi Glue
  • Super Sour Glue

Delivered: December 5, 2019

More Information

The Healing Center is recreational use. We welcome all adults with valid ID, as long as you’re 21 and over! We provide discounts for seniors, military and veterans, as well as local discounts. Come on in and see us today!

The Healing Center
1400 Needles Hwy. Unit 100
Needles, CA 92363

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