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  • Sour Kush 3.5g
  • Chocolate Turnover 3.5g
  • GMO-I95 3.5g
  • Slurricane 3.5g


  • Orange M-Con
  • Orange Romulawi
  • Lemon Glue F2
  • African Orange Glue
  • Banana Glue
  • CBD Glue Tide
  • Lemon Wookie Glue
  • M-Con Glue
  • OG Princess Glue
  • Romulawi Glue

Delivered on November 25th, 2020

More Information

Redwood Herbal Alliance is committed to providing safe and legal access to meticulously grown cannabis.

Located on the northern end of Santa Rosa, just minutes from downtown. If you are traveling from the north, we are only moments away from Windsor and Healdsburg!

We have a vast selection of cannabis products ranging from edibles, topicals and tinctures, soap, concentrates of all types, and of course, quality cannabis. We specialize in offering patient education and personal customer service in a relaxed and professional environment.

Redwood Herbal Alliance
5270 Aero Drive
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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