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  • African Orange Glue
  • Black Lemon Glue
  • Cookie Glue
  • Dream Queen Glue
  • Lemon Wookie Glue
  • Sherbet Glue
  • CBD Orange Tide
  • Granddaddy Orange
  • Orange AC/DC
  • Orange Burmese
  • Orange Gorilla Princess
  • Orange M-Con
  • Orange Romulawi
  • Sour Orange
  • Super Sour Orange
  • Nelson’s Ledges
  • Northern Lights
  • Panama Red CBD
  • TKO

Latest Drop: Mercy Wellness

Delivered: December 14, 2018

Equilibrium Genetics cannabis seeds at Mercy Wellness
Mercy Wellness writes, “Equilibrium Genetics SEEDS ARE HERE! We have not had seeds since the new year and are very exited to be debuting a plethora of amazing genetics from Equilibrium.”

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Mercy Wellness of Cotati is committed to providing safe access to medical and recreational cannabis products for our qualified medical patients and recreational users. We treat our members as individuals; courteously, with integrity, respect and honesty. In doing so, we will continually strive to exceed our members’ expectations. We are dedicated to keeping our members privacy maintained, while providing safe, comfortable, and affordable access to a wide variety of the highest quality medical cannabis products for their individual needs. Our mission is to run a legally and socially responsible medical cannabis collective.

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Mercy Wellness
7950 Redwood Dr. / Suite 8
Cotati, CA 94931

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