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Delivered: February 15th, 2020

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Leonard Moore
Leonard Moore

The Leonard Moore Cooperative was established in 2009 and opened it’s shop in the town of Mendocino, California in 2011. It’s name and mission pay homage to Leonard Moore who was an artist, activist, and dear friend of the family who succumbed to AIDS in 1992. During that time, contraband cannabis had to be illegally obtained to help alleviate his pain and discomfort. We created and named our Cooperative, so that no one should have to suffer the consequences of the black market to obtain their medicine.

A passion to cultivate the purest medicinal cannabis on the Mendocino Coast.

The Leonard Moore Cooperative is a cannabis dispensary and resource center located in the heart of Mendocino Village. We are committed to serving our community and visitors with the finest cannabis flowers and edible products our region has to offer. Our staff is both knowledgeable and passionate about the benefits and joys of cannabis use. We are here to educate and assist the public as best we can. Our bud tenders can help you choose the products that may have the greatest benefit for you, according to your specialized needs: be they medical or recreational. We work with small farmers and producers, many of whom are second and third generation contributors to the cannabis culture that Mendocino County has become world renown for. Cannabis really is a way of life for those of us who live here: sustaining our health, livelihood and community.

Leonard Moore Cooperative
44970 Ukiah Street
Mendocino, CA 95460

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