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Platinum Skunk = Platinum OG x Heirloom Skunk
Red Apple = Apple Juice x Maine Pineapple AKA Red Sonja
Mojave Green = Venom OG x Albert Walker/Trainwreck/Haze/Malawi
African Sherbet = (Lemon Tree x Sherbet) x (Agent Orange x Malawi)
Desert Lemons = (SFV OG x Death Star) x (Lemon Tree x Glue Bx)
Malawi Ethiopian = Malawi Gold x Ethiopian Highlands
Romulawi Glue = (Romulan x Malawi) x Glue Bx3
Red Burmese = Burmese Mimosa x Maine Pineapple AKA Red Sonja
Pineapple Biscotti = Biscotti x Maine Pineapple AKA Red Sonja
Burmese Venom = Venom OG x Orange Burmese
African Haze = (G13/Cannalope Haze) x Heirloom Malawi
Malawi Palace = Cinderella 99/AK47 x Heirloom Malawi
Lemon Wookie Glue = Lemon Wookie x Glue Bx2
Platinum Skunk Glue = Platinum Skunk x Glue Bx2
Forbidden Lemon Glue = Forbidden Fruit x Lemon Glue
AJ’s Lemon Glue = AJ’s Sour Diesel x Lemon Glue
Dream Queen Glue = Dream Queen x Glue Bx2
Lemon Glue F2 = Lemon Tree x Glue Bx
Lemon Cherry Kush= Lemon Tree x Cherry Kush
Kali Star = Kali Mist/Malawi x Purple Star Daddy
Orange Ethiopian = Agent Orange/Malawi x Ethiopian Highlands
Ethiopian Lava = Lava Cake x Ethiopian Highlands
Lebanese Honey = Red Lebanese x Pacific Northwest Hashplant x Northern Lights #1
Pacific Chem = Chem Dog 91’ x Pacific Northwest Hashplant x Northern Lights #1
Pacific Legend = Legend OG x Pacific Northwest Hashplant x Northern Lights #1
Purple Star Cookie = Purple Cookie Glue x Purple Star Daddy
Purple Persian = Purple Pakistani x Andarab Afghani
Pineapple Afghani = Maine Pineapple AKA Red Sonja x Andarab Afghani
Fire Girl = (Fire OG x Boost) x Anderson Valley Early Girl
4-Way Doghani = Fairfax 4-way x Sirius Stardog x Andarab Afghani
Hindu Alien = Alien Dog x Andarab Afghani
High Tide CBD = CBD Glue Tide x CBD Orange Tide
Orange Sherbet = Sherbet x CBD Orange Tide

Updated on May 6th, 2022

Good Hope Hydroponics – Franconia
6204C Gravel Ave
Franconia, Virginia 22310

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