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  • Sour Kush 3.5g
  • GMO-I95 3.5g


  • Orange M-Con Pre-Rolls, 3 Pack
  • Sundae Driver Pre-Rolls, 3 Pack
  • Blue Dream Pre-Rolls, 3 Pack


  • Burmese Bananaberry
  • Forbidden Heat
  • Guava Gelato
  • Mendo Orange
  • Mojave Green
  • Orange Biodiesel
  • Platinum Gelato
  • Purple Turnover
  • Sour Cherry Kush
  • Sweet Honey Nuggets
  • Wild Horse
  • Lemon Glue F2

Delivered on October 8th, 2020

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Dispensary and delivery service.

Dispatched from our brick & mortar, utilizing the smartest cars ever made, driven by the most responsible human being you’ve ever met, a trusted delivery driver makes their way to you in record time, brandishing a discreet pelican case filled with every ounce of your heart’s desire, allowing you to get what you ordered and hopefully more – the store finally comes to you… or you can just come on by for some good old fashioned dispensing.

Curbstone Exchange
6535 Hwy 9
Felton, CA 95018

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