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  • Orange Spice Seeds (12 pack)
  • Lemon Glue F2 Seeds (12 pack)
  • Melted Venom Seeds (12 pack)
  • M-Con Glue Seeds (12 pack)


  • Sour Kush 3.5g (Single)

Delivered: September 15th, 2020

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The Oldest and Best in Los Angeles

Since 2005, CAC Venice has been a family collective and safe haven. We continue to be a fun, local spot for people who are just starting out with cannabis or for the seasoned professional. As the oldest, legal dispensary in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on being able to help educate consumers, both medical and recreational, on the phenotypes, strains, cannabinoids, terpenes, strengths, benefits and side effects of cannabis. We are firm believers that an educated consumer is a better consumer.

CAC Venice - Shop with the Locals
CAC Venice
122 Lincoln Blvd Suite 204
Los Angeles, CA 90291

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