Mr. Bob Hemphill

Mr. Bob Hemphill, a longtime breeder and collector of rare genetics since the early 1990’s, grew up in northern Virginia. The first cannabis seeds he sprouted were pulled out of a bag of Mexican brick weed.

During a frost warning, he decided to bring his outdoor plants inside. This was his rough introduction to growing indoors. After a couple years of trial and error, his third year of growing resulted in an amazing harvest of homegrown citrusy sativa.

While still in high school, he attended a Grateful Dead concert, and for the first time experienced the high quality of cannabis being grown in California. It became evident that in order to have a consistent and reliable source for excellent cannabis, he would need to master the art of growing for himself.

He got his hands on some really dank seeds at a Phish show, after scoring a bag of kind buds grown in Humboldt. Mr. Bob Hemphill grew those seeds and the results were absolutely incredible.

For more background information, listen to Mr. Bob Hemphill’s interview from 2017 on The Pot Cast:

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